LED Lighted Base for Acrylic Lamp

LED Back Lighted Bases for Acrylic Lamps

The acrylic lighted base is a spectacularly designed LED light base with multiple backlight LED beads and a slot for holding the acrylic plaque. After turning on the power, the backlight LED illuminates the acrylic plaques and provides vivid illumination and visibility. The acrylic lamp bases are suitable for backlighting acrylic lamps, signs, displays, menus, artwork, company logos, etc.

The base lamp can made of various materials, such as wood, plastic, and even metal. The critical points of an acrylic lamp base include backlit LED beads, an RGB controller, and a holding slot. Click and check more details of our high-quality acrylic lamp bases. We offer custom production services to produce lamp bases and acrylic plaques with various thicknesses and dimensions.

Backlight LED Beads

The acrylic LED base lamp usually contains SMD beads on the motherboard or LED light strips. These backlight LED beads create smooth, diffuse backlighting and colorful effects through the acrylic sheet.

To ensure a bright and safe illumination light, please pay attention to the LED bead quality, including brightness, color temperature, viewing angle, and viewing angle. Limiousa uses high-quality beads to provide bright and energy-efficient illumination for daily uses.

RGB LED Light Controler

The single-color LED has a simple circuit and only produces one color, such as white, yellow, or blue. Lumiousa uses RGB LED beads that mix red, green, and blue light to create multiple colors. Each Lumiousa acrylic lamp base has a remote RGB dimmer to change colors easily.

Base Slot and Acrylic Plaque

The base lamp has a slot with clips to hold the acrylic plaque securely. The slot section on the acrylic plaques is cut in a particular shape to fit the slot and clips. The acrylic plaque should be tightly attached to the LED beads to maximize the light brightness.

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