Romantic Night Lights for 2023 Valentine’s Day

Romantic Night Lights for 2023 Valentine’s Day

Here is the collection of romantic night lights for the 2023 Valentine’s day and anniversary day celebration.

The creative romantic designs are laser-engraved on transparent plaques. After being inserted into the RGB LED lamp base, the acrylic plaque will light up and produce a romantic atmosphere.

The acrylic plaque is made from high-quality PMMA cast plexiglass with a high light transmission rate to present the best optical performance of laser-engraved patterns. The lamp base has 10x RGB LED beads to light up the acrylic plaque brightly and decorate a whole room. You can change the lamp brightness and colors on the included IR remote control.

Lumiousa offers you flexible solutions to create unique lamps for various scenarios. For example, you may change the existing designs’ contents, send us your design, or even create a photo lamp with precise pico laser engraving technology.

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